Saturday, April 27, 2013

Project Life

Okay I thought I'd share one of the pages in my project life. It's not complete as of yet I still have more photos for the other side along with the journal part. I started this in 2011, the Becky Higgins PL, but I just can't commit to doing it like most do on a daily or even a weekly routine. It has laid in on the shelf with all the slots filled with paper and PL cards but that's it. I finally decided I don't have to do it like everyone else I can use this own way.
I use to scrapbook for each of my 7 grandchildren, but I don't get to spend much time with them and the pictures are far and in between. Not nearly enough time or photos to scrap for each one. Not to worry! I'll use my PL album and the moments I do have I'll put them in here.
I've come to realize that my thoughts of scrapbooking for each one in the beginning was so that one day I could hand over each child's stack of albums and say here enjoy these as much as I have, in reality it was because I loved doing it so much and maybe they won't want a stack of 20 12x12 albums or more HA HA.
 Well, I don't know if they'll  enjoy them or not and their mom's do scrapbook for them too. So, I've changed my process a bit... I now do the moments we share with our grand kids in maybe one or two scrapbook pages and in a just one album instead of 7 (cost effective too LOL)  and the rest are going in the PL book. I decided they could share if they wanted to when they get older. This way I get to enjoy time with the GK, do one of my most favorite things to and have more time to explore the world of mixed media, canvas work and who knows what else I 'll have to try.
Bottom line recording our memories should not be a "CHORE".
Well that was my "self pep-talk" for today LOL
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