Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tool Time Tuesday

Okay it's time to share another "tool" with you. This is a card I designed for one of my Cuttlebug-itis classes. I used a paint chip from Home Depot, the cuttlebug folder I call "scales" and a sanding block. The paint chips act like "white core" paper, in that when you sand them you get the white accent. The stamp is one from the Verses Rubber Stamp Co series. The thing I stress in my class is the paint chips are FREE and come in a "bizzilion" colors. Home Depot knows me on a first name bases LOL. Maybe I will see you there. Off to the studio, have some new 4th of July photos to scrap. I am a bit behind in the scrapbooking, been so busy doing the freelance work. I am thinking that in the future I could dedicate a whole week to scapbooking, that may help me get caught up. I am working on a way to add a gallery for all of you to post your art on, keep a watch out for it, I would love to see them. The video is coming along, I have it all filmed and working on the editing. Hubby says I need a new computer this one is so old and slow. Well, another day a lot of dollars! Have a great Tool day!

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