Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sneak upstairs to the studio

Happy Father's Day! I can't work in the studio today it is Steve's day and we have a thing where when it is your birthday or special day you choose what we do for the day. So, I am posting ahead of time so as not to miss a day. My winner for the blog candy was GIGI from Canada she was excited and so was I that I am "international" hee hee. I sent her package out this morning sure hope she likes it. Here is a quick card I designed for my LSS, I have this project thing going on there if a stamp isn't selling like it should, I try to make a cute card to show a sample of what can be done and it is spotlighted and WOW they fly out the door!! Not because I designed it! but because like ME, a lot of people are visual and need to see it in action. Anyway here it is hope you enjoy. Oh guess what? I am going shopping today to look into investing in a Mini Ultra HD flip video, The Pink Stamper just got hers and says it is awesome. When I make the plunge and get it I will start putting how-to-videos on the blog. I can't wait... later 

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