Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sticky embossing powder as seen at CKU

I told the ladies at CKU last week I'd make a video showing how to use the sticky embossing powder and the Adhesive Designs. Well, here you go sure hope this helps! Enjoy!!!
You can find this at Stamping Buddies, in Deer Park.


  1. Peggy can you tell me where I can buy the foil paper that you have used. I tried looking for "foil paper" but it came back as foil cardstock. If they sell it at Crop Stop can you send me a link. I did a search there also but no luck. Thanks so much for your awesome videos. Nita

  2. I've been asked where to get the foils I used in the video about sticky powered. I searched around and it looks like you can get it on line at Joanne's It's made by Clearsnap. They make the foils and also Design adhesives. That are too stinking' cool. Hope this helps.