Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WOYWW #163

I am one happy girl! My friend Mary got these vintage plastic dollies for me at an auction. I am so very excited and can't wait to use them in my art journals.  Thanks Mary!!! in the background on my desk are several of my art journals I'm working on. The heart one is the NYC one, the circle one in the front is from my Color Lovin class I'm taking the big one is my first ever journal that is always a work in progress and in back of that one is one I'm just doing lots of backgrounds in right now. Okay now that you've seen what's on my desk hop over to www.stamping-ground.blogspot.com and see what everyone else is going!! Have a great day!


  1. Lucky you.... those doily stencils will be wonderful in aj.
    Sandra @43

  2. Wow those doilies look amazing as do your journal pages!
    Happy WOYWW #42

  3. Oh WOW. Plastic doilies would be FAB for masks. Lucky you - will look forward to seeing the pages you make with them.

    MA (2)

  4. Oh Peggy, your art journals are just toooo mouth wateringly gorgeous!! I remember those plastic doileys from my youth - I'm sure my mum must still have some, so I must beg, borrow or steal them off her lol! I use normal ones as stencils, but forgot all about the plastic ones which would be much more durable.

    Thanks for your nice comment - my desk isn't really tidy - just stuff heaped up, which gets swept aside when I need a postage-stamp-sized area to work on lol! The rest is a total tip. Thanks for the good wishes for Shoshi's Blog Shop - I'm hoping for great things, as it will be a nice outlet for my creations.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #4

  5. Those would make awesome stencils for your journal pages! I am so jealous. Dani 31

  6. Your art journals look fabulous and so fun!
    Here's to good friends! They make life so much better :)

    Mary Jo #107

  7. The doilies were a good find. Thanks for a peep at your workspace. Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x

  8. That brings back memories - everyone had a plastic doiley or two when I was little. x Jo

  9. Great doilies and love the journal book too. Thanks for sharing and have a great Wednesday, hugs Erika. #83

  10. I really need to get my act together and start my own art journal. I've never had one before. Your's looks amazing.
    Plastic doilies...now you're in for some fun ~ enjoy!
    Neesie #14

  11. Very cool work on your desk this week Peggy!

    Thanks for stopping by.