Monday, February 06, 2012

Pazzle Die Cut Machine For Sale!

Hi everyone! I've not done this before but I've been busy in the studio and doing some "de-stashing" and re-organizing. I've decided to sell my Pazzle. I've had it for 1 1/2 years and only used it probably 5 times. Here is a description:
Inspiration Electronic Creative Cutter-12''''. This Cutter is the most advanced paper cutting machine available and includes: Creative Cutter Inspiration Design Software one blade one 12x14in mat instruction manual and tutorials with 300 images! This compact cutter has a 12in cutting width and can cut vellum vinyl cardstock poster board and more! Using your home computer you can design and create home decor bags boxes wearables stamps and more! It can draw with your favorite markers and refillable bleach/ink pens. It embosses engraves distresses and pierces. You can design and create your own images using home photos and a scanner. Features great accessories (each sold separately)such as the Pen Tool Embossing Tool Engraving Tool Cutting Tool Kit Vinyl Sticker Material Engraving Mat Embossing Mat (accessories not included) and much more! You will need a PC running Windows XP ith updates or Vista and one USB port.
Wow! that's a lot of info. You see I'm not computer savvy and just don't like looking for images and sizing them on the computer. That's why I love my Cricut.. I just put in the cartridge and push a few buttons and it cuts.
So if anyone is interested in this is sells new for over $400 I would like to get $275. You can email me at I won't post this again I promise I don't want my blog to become "ebay" lol I'll just let you know when it's sold. Thanks..

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