Friday, February 18, 2011

Heartfelt Creations

Here is my card for this week at . The Spring collection is so beautiful! Wait until you see what I did for next week. This is also the card I made in the video for Hallie Jo sells their stamps and dies and has a very good selection. I think they are still on sale. I'll have to check that out. Have a great day!!
I wanted to make a comment on the New Expression verses the Imagine... Here is my "personal" thoughts... I did not get an Imagine and here's why... expensive, limited and cost of ink. I know there are Imagine lovers out there that disagree and that's okay I respect their opinion. However, I have and Epson 12x12 printer that was a bit costly, of course now prices have gone down on printers, but the ink is expensive! For me to be limited to buying PC ink was a big "bummer" I'm all about discounts and coupons and there would be none of that with Imagine. Second having to buy a whole different set of cartridges that would NOT work on my Cricut Girl... well honey please ... I have.... well a lot of cartridges and didn't want to have another "limited" collection. Then there's "printer-life-span" what happens if the Imagine printer goes hay-wire? One of the engineers at CHA Chicago couldn't answer my husbands question about that... kind of worrisome don't ya think? So, there are my thoughts on the Imagine. Now, the Expression 2.. I'll be honest I don't have anymore info than what I've posted here, but I have saved my pennies and set my clock for April 26 midnight to order one. Why? well it uses both cartridges which makes me hopeful that one day it might be able to be hooked up to my own printer to print. I like the idea of a touch screen and no overlays, maybe because I love my Gypsy. So, I've decided to give the E2 a try and see what happens. I'll let you know.. Again, I'm very happy I did not jump and get the Imagine. I said "a comment" I must have meant a "commentary" LOL What are your thoughts?

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  1. Peggy,
    Thanks for your "commentary"-you are always well informed. Is the new E-2 similiar to the Gypsy where you load the cartridges and they can only be loaded once?