Sunday, September 19, 2010

May Arts Ribbon Projects

Here is the last project I did for May Arts Ribbon. I'm going to let my granddaughter use this for her teacher. I used Cloud 9 Seasonal pack paper and of course May Arts Ribbon. The "boo" was cut using the Cricut. Have a great day!!
Thanks for all your comments they really mean a lot!


  1. Well my brain isn't working - Ive been sitting here trying to figure out how you made those cute pumpkins when its the box you re talking about! LOL! Glad I'm not do anything where I have to use my head today!
    pam d

  2. I LOVE those pumpkins!! The ghosts on the box are too cute. I think her teacher will really enjoy this!!!

  3. I had a LOL.. those little pumpkins are about 10 years old and I can't even remember where I got them. Steve and I decided to dress up our pictures with props... I use these little pumpkins every year, they are cute. As for the May Arts Ribbon.. you can get it at Stamp Your Art Out, here Cincinnati Ohio and I'm sure other stores carry them. They have the coolest ribbon! thanks for your comments!

  4. Oh so neat! very jealous of your cricut, the boo is just right there.