Monday, August 23, 2010

Pazz Bear

I know you are NOT going to believe this.... I just set up a new computer and new Pazzles Inspirations. I know I know... I have two Cricut Expressions and a Cricut Create why on earth would I need a Pazzles? I don't know, I just do... Steve set up the new computer yesterday and we messed around with it for a few hours and this little bear, I call "Pazz" was the first thing I made. Will I give up my Cricut NO WAY!!!!!!!! It is so much faster and easier to use. Now, I may change my tune about easy once I get use to the Pazzles but I do know that I like picking an image, size and cut process a lot more than click, drag, size, make layers decisions, place on virtual mat, click cut, set all the settings and then you get your design cut. Of course, like I said as I get use to it I'm sure it will become second hand. I'll let you know.. You have to admit Pazz is stinkin' cute. Have a great Monday!!!

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