Monday, July 19, 2010

Studio Picture

Some girls have asked to see pictures of my studio. I've shared the other studio (yes, I have
2 1/2 rooms). I'm blessed and of course I need more room LOL.... This is the Mixed Media side. It has change a bit since this picture but not much. Off to the right of the picture is where I do my metal work, then the pasta maker is for the clay, I have my paints, oven, crock pot and blender all handy for other projects. The silver wine bottle racks on the ceiling are from Ikea, a favorite shopping place of mine, and beer glasses in place of the wine bottles hold my marker and some paint brushes. I have shelves wherever I can find a place to hang them just for projects I've created and collectibles that inspire me. This is truly a heaven on earth for me. Hope you enjoyed seeing it.
I'll be sharing a lot of scrapbook pages over the next month along with cards. We are also going to have a big announcement August 1 so stay tuned! Have a great day

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