Sunday, January 03, 2010

Episode 5 Turtle Birthday Card

I can't believe it! this is Epsiode 5!!
This card was really easy to make, well once you get all the little pieces cut out. I really like the Paisley Cartridge. Well, of course I say that about all of them. The Cricut University class went really well. The ladies had an opportunity to work through problems they might encounter with using their Cricuts and I really think that the "hands on" concept is going to prove to be the best way we can ALL get our $$ worth out of our Cricuts. I really really enjoy this group of ladies. I now have a group of friends that do what I do!!! We are official Cricut-teers" hee hee
Hope you enjoy this episode here at Create with Bubbe. I am off work tomorrow and plan to spend the entire day in the studio competing some projects and getting classes together Have a great day.

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  1. Hi,Peggy,
    what a cute card! Love it! I wanted to email you a few pictures I took this last saturday (canvas event), but I have misplaced your card. For some reason I cannot find the email address here either. Would you mind sharing it? Thanks! G.G from Romantic French Country