Sunday, November 15, 2009

Basic Grey Butterfly

Good morning! Well, today is the day we're going to edit the video and try to launch it. Of course, first it's Church, Mrs. Boppins is going to practice the Christmas song with the little ones. So, if all goes well you should be able to see my very first tutorial this evening. I'm so anxious to see it work. In the meantime, I wanted to share this card that came in a kit. I love Basic Grey for my scrapbooking and then I saw this card kit. I really liked all the cards, some I shared earlier. The one thing I just noticed is,  I think the butterflies antenna's are on the wrong end! Either that or it is a female butterfly that has a "pear" shape figure.. ha ha ha! Oh! well, maybe I will be the only one to notice yeah right!?!!? I won't tell the lucky person who gets this. Have a blessed day and check back tonight to see if we got the video launched. 

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