Sunday, July 19, 2009

Memory Monday

Good Monday Morning!!
I am in the studio all day playing.. oops! I mean working.. just in case Steve is listening. LOL
Today I wanted to share another page I did for the grandkids. Jack Henry is the baby of the group and it seems I don't have as many pages of him as I did the other kids at the age he is now. He will be 2yrs in August and only has 2 completed books. The other ones seem to have had 3 or 4. I don't know if it's that I had more time then or I'm getting slower... So here is one of him when he was first born. You see at our house we have what we loving call the "WALL OF FAME". It's a wall where I have hung 12x12 scrapbook frames (total of 10) and if your birthday is in, say "August", all the frames are filled with past and present pages of you so we can see how much you've changed. I really did this for me to enjoy the pages before putting them in books, but one of the grandkids said we should spotlight the birthday month. Great Idea! It is a bit to keep up with but it has become fun for the kids to see how much each have grown and remember  things they had done in the past year. After all that is why we scrapbook isn't it? I might try to get a good picture of the wall and share it with you next Memory Monday. Have a great week and just to keep you guessing.. I have been working on getting all those new stamps I bought put to good use on a card, so this week should be a good one to check in on. I don't have any classes for a few weeks.. I needed to do some freelance work and when I take a break I'll throw in a card or two. Well, off to play....

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