Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pet Day

It is another hot day here in Cincinnati Ohio... I'd call it "dog days", but it is only June.. shew!!
Today I thought you would get a kick out of this scrapbook page I did for a class in Cleveland last year. The photo is of my neighbor, Alma when she was just a little girl. Alma would have been 97 years old this August, but she went home to be with Jesus two years ago, sure do miss her! Alma shared all her photos and memories with me daily, when I went to visit and take care of her. It was so interesting to listen to her tell stories. Then when she would bring out the box of photos I would go wild and ask if I could use them to make copies for cards and altered art pieces. Now, she didn't know what altered art was but she let me have whatever I wanted. Well, when I came across this photo I lost it. I couldn't believe that people took their kids into town and paid someone to take their photo sitting on a donkey. But as you can see they sure did. I wanted to add that this was a page for a class and the children in the photos are not the same family. The little girl on the donkey is Alma, as I said, but the 3 kids together are my grandmother and her twin brothers and the other one is my mom. The layout just needed something and I love old photos. I know this is PET day and I guess you figured out that the donkey is the pet. ha ha ha
Hope you enjoy this edition of I'll be back tomorrow.

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