Saturday, March 02, 2013

New Tool!

Look what I found at Home Depot. I went for a piece of chain to hang the bird cage from the ceiling and WOW! found this as I was walking through the paint department. I plan to us this when I making my mono-prints and using my Gelli Plate. I'll share some that I've done so far next week. It's my new "love" in mixed media play. Here's a really cool thing I found... I was surfing the YouTube and found one that TenSecondsStudio did like over a year ago, they showed using the metal tools and their emboss plates to make cool designs in mono-printing with the GP. I can't wait to give that a try.
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, Steve has moved back home from his assignment in Houston Texas YIPPEE!! and I wanted to spend every moment with him, he's still sleeping right now so I can chat with you all. He starts back Monday on his regular assignments here in Ohio so life should get back to some kind of routine, and my hand is getting better everyday. I know it will take a full year to totally recover but it is going to be well worth it. I've been collecting different books, taking online classes ( well watching them I'll do the projects when hand is ready LOL) and just soaking in lots of art ideas and new techniques.
I've decided that after the CCE, March 16 I will no longer be teaching classes as an independent instructor. I've taken the job at Michaels as their Paper-Ed Instructor and will only be doing classes there. There will be card making, scrapbooking, mixed media, tools instructions and journaling all the things I love. I hope some of my friends and  old and new students will join me there. I'll  post the dates for those as I set them. I do know that next Saturday Michaels is offering a 25% off one class fee, it's a great deal and a way for me to get to know the folks that shop at Michaels. 
Well, have a great day!

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