Tuesday, December 04, 2012

No More Cricut?

There has been lots and lots of discussion out there about what's going on with Provocraft and Cricut. If you're not aware of all this I'll give you a quick version. Provocraft has made many angry by trying to block them from selling their Gypsy, cartridges and other PC things.  The lack of support on the Design Studio was a big issue. Selling exclusive cartridges that were suppose to be for those who signed up for their "club" thing. Trying to get everyone to use their Craft Room, which seems to have issues all the time. I know there are many other reasons, but I wanted to put in my two-cents worth.

I didn't join their club, I don't use Design Studio (never liked it), sell what I want when I want to, love my Gypsy, have over 100 cartridges and 3 Cricut machines. Now, saying all that, I plan to use what I have for as long as it works, I've invested a lot of money in my cartridges and machines and I'm a believer of getting "all" my monies worth out of my goodies.
 I DO NOT agree with all the junk Provo Craft is doing! I think they got a bit too big for their britches and thought they had the corner of the market forever and they are wrong! There are others out there  that have given us other awesome options to doing our craft. I've looked at the Cameo Silhouette several times, but I'm just not ready to make a move to a whole new way of doing my die cutting and definitely not ready to invest a lot more money.
So, for now and probably a very long time I'm going to keep using my Gypsy and Cricut machine until they just don't work anymore. I love them, just not the company and don't plan to buy anything from Provocraft in the future.
 Oh yeah! I still love my Cuttlebug too and use it lots, but that Big Shot and Vegabond are starting to get a lot more use and the newer Sizzix, Courture Creations, Darice, Crafts toYou, and Craft Concepts embossing folders are awesome!!

So, now that all that's been said let's get back to crafting!
have a great day!


  1. I agree with you, Peggy, about Provo Craft/Cricut. In fact, I just sold all my cricut stuff to a girl in our church who was looking for cricut stuff. I had mainly been using my cricut to cut svg's anyway. (I know that you can no longer buy that program). So my husband bought me a cameo, and I upgraded their design studio software to the Designer edition. Now I have only had it a week, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I find it easier to use. I hope to check out the print and cut feature today. I hear that you can cut vinyl up to 10 feet long!!!

    I do like the cuttlebug, but I find that the vagabond cuts my dies a little better.

    In case I don't talk to you before the holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I pray that your surgery goes well.


  2. I totally agree. I also have a rather large investment in Cricut products, but have stopped buying anything more ever since I got my Cameo. Provocraft seems to just keep coming out with new machines (with a lot of hype) which then have multiple problems. Their solution seems to be to discontinue support of that machine and just come out with another and the cycle continues. I have found Silhouette America (makers of Cameo) to have much better customer service than Provocraft. Also, the Silhouette software seems to be much more user friendly and versatile than Cricut Craftroom. I also like the clean, intricate cuts I can get with the Cameo which I never can get with my Cricut. I can only hope that Provocraft will wake up and realize they are not the only game in town and clean up their act.