Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The American Express 911 Memorial

This was a very special moment for Steve and I when we were in NYC last month. 
The American Express memorial honors 11 employee killed on 9/11. A 600 pound tear shaped Brazilian quartz, carved with 11 sides, is suspended at the center of the memorial The quartz hangs from 11 thin cables over the  center of the black granite pool with 11 sides. The names of the victims who worked for American Express are inscribed on the sides of the pool. Designed by lower Manhattan artist Ken Smith.
I had never heard of this and was so moved and touched when we entered the building. As you stood there a drop of water would fall into the pool of water representing a tear drop. WOW!  We took a Freedom Tour while in NYC and learned so very much.
Please take a few moments to lift up all those who lost loved ones and whose lives were changed forever on this tragic day. That's each of us. Have the day you have.

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