Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just Can't Stop Makin' a Mess!

I have been at it again. I spent about 2 hours looking through Pinterest tonight and before I could go to bed I just had to go to the studio and try some of the awesome techniques I was seeing. This isn't the best picture of the two pages I did, Steve is going to hang a new light in the studio for me tomorrow and it was a bit dark without the ones that use to be on the ceiling. But I think you can get the idea. I have some new cards and scrapbook pages to post the next few days, so if you're not a Mixed Media person hang with me! You do know that any of the inking, masking, painting and stamping techniques I use here you can do the same on your cards and pages right? Well, gotta run I've got a class this morning. Have a great day!

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