Sunday, October 30, 2011

Awesome Saturday!

I normally don't share many pictures of family but these... I just had to. Steve and I went with our grandkids to a skating birthday party Saturday and got talked into putting on the skates and giving it a try. It had only been 40 years since we had either been on skates. Well, yes I fell on my bootie and man does it hurt and as you can see, Steve fell during the last song and yes he broke his leg!!!!!! OH MY WORD! Being a X-ray tech for some 30 yrs. I was pretty sure he had broken it. I was going to ask for roller skates for Christmas NOT! So, to say the least I didn't get to work in the studio today.... I promise I'll share a card or something... Oh maybe I'll show you all the cool stuff I got today from Papertrey. I just love their stuff.... Have a great Sunday


  1. I know I have been missing for a it, but I sure was not planning on returning to this news! Poor Steve! Hope things heal quickly. Yikes!

  2. Oh no!!! So sorry to hear that Steve broke his leg. That will not make traveling fun! Btw, I had a couple friends over yesterday making Christmas cards and I sent them an email with a couple of my favorite webpages and yours was one of them.


  3. Oh man!!!!! Sorry he broke his leg, and just trying to have fun with the GK!!!! Great pictures!!!

  4. Hope Steve is doing better. Guess you have to drive him to work. Give him an extra hug from me. You both are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Sharon L-S