Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Little Visitor

Something really different to share today. A neighbor was throwing this vintage washer out and I just couldn't bear to see it go, so... I had Steve put it in the flower bed by the patio. The plan is to plant some flowers in it next spring. NO, Steve it's not junk it's called "yard art". Then take a closer look... This is "Priscilla" our little prayer. I think she likes her new home.
Hope you enjoyed seeing some fun art today, have a great day!
There are a few spots left Saturday at the Card Class at Hobby Lobby, if you're interested just call.


  1. My mom always had a wringer washer in the basement and it was her favorite to do throw rugs and such. Great idea!

  2. Great yard art! And I love your little visitor, I've found three in our garden so far, usually there's more at this time of year.

    Brenda 88