Thursday, August 18, 2011

T-shirt Wreath

Is this too cute or what? I saw this on one of those "re-cycle" blogs and had to give it a try. I need a new Fall wreath for my door. I went to the Good Will, found a wreath for 50 cents. Then off to Michael's to get the t-shirts. They only had the brown one so I headed to Joanne's and bought yellow and green t-shirt material. Now, you're suppose to use old t-shirts you already have or buy those at the thrift stores, but honestly it was cheaper to buy a new shirt and then the fabric, go figure. And then I wanted certain colors. So picky aren't I? LOL
I sat the Nana bear in the center for now, just to get the idea of what size scarecrow I needed. Not sure if I'll make one or buy one. This was very easy to make. I guess I'm going through a "wreath" stage, I have 3 others I'd like to make. Hope you have a great day!

I've had a few requests for the instructions for this: cut the t-shirt from side seam to side seam (under the sleeves) about 3 inches wide, then cut those stripes in half. Fold one piece in half, wrap around the wreath and put the open ends through the looped end and pull (like a slip knot) and just keep doing that until your wreath is covered. The length will depend on how big your shirt is, so you will trim it when all finished to the length you like. I'll try taking some "step" pictures and post them. I didn't get instructions for this, it was just in a picture. Hope this will help.

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  1. Where did you find the instructions? I like the color combo. Looks good with Nana.

    Enjoyed the classes at StampAway. A BIG Thanks.

    Sharon L-S