Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steve Update #2

Hi Everyone
Just got home from another all day with Steve at the hospital. They want to move him out of NSCIU but there are no regular beds available. And I know you'll be surprised (not) the nurses all love him and want him to just stay there for whatever time he has to be in the hospital. He's so funny tonight he was telling his nurse about the blog and gave her the site to check out. He's a hoot! There is another test to do in the morning and if that's okay I might get to bring him home!! Praise God! And get this he may not even need ANY yes I said ANY outside rehab. We can do what he needs here at home. Is our GOD great or what!?!?! Again we both want to thank you for all the prayers and love you all have shared with us! Have a blessed day!! Peggy and Steve


  1. That is great news! Here's wishing you both the best and speedy recovery.
    Hugs and prayers.
    Sharon L-S

  2. Glad to hear that Steve is doing better than expected!! Our God IS an awesome God! This is living proof that He DOES answer prayers. Will continue to pray for you both.


  3. Peggy
    I was shocked when I read this! I'm so so happy Steve is doing alright! Give him a big hug from me, he certainly has my prayers!
    pam d

  4. That is exceptionally wonderful news! God bless you both.