Friday, August 19, 2011

Loopy Flower

I was roaming around the resource section over at and found the directions to make this loopy flower; made using Papertry Ink felt. I LOVE it! This would make a great pin for my apron. I think it's a bit too big for my A2 cards but I'm sure it could be made smaller. I think I'm going to try making one using paper. I plan to make one for each child's scrapbook. That's something I've always done, whatever new cool embellishment I find, I incorporate it in their books. That way their books contain a history of what I've learned in this awesome world of crafting.
Steve gets home from Canada today.. and I'm sure glad today is our 39th anniversary and his "honey-do-list" as grown LOL!!!! No I'm not going to ask him to work on the HDL today but tomorrow is another day.
Have a great day!

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