Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Cartridges!

You might want to go get a cup of coffee or a soda... because I have several things to share with you today!! Provo Craft has not 12, not 14, but a total of 17 Cartridges being announced today! FOUR Cricut Lites, ONE Full Cricut Cartridge, FOUR Digital Cartridges (included on the new E2), THREE Imagine Cartridges and as a bonus, there are FIVE 'Best Of' Cartridges! WOW!! A little bit of everything for everyone! This is what Tammy posted on her blog. I totally missed the April Hello Thursday, I can't believe it!!!! I was so busy getting my Stamp Away classes together I missed it SORRY!! So, here are some of the new cartridges coming our way and to see the ones for the Imagine and the ones they call "the best of ",you can go to Hello Thursday.

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