Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cartridges that came Pre-loaded with EXpression 2

This is three of them, there was one more called "Just a Note". I didn't have a picture of the cartridge to share. The images on this cartridge are like Cosmo Cricut style products really cute!! Well, that's it for today now I need to process all these and see which ones I just can't live without. I'm leaning towards those Cricut Lites ones. I do have the E2 and could use Imagine cartridges that are images NOT the color palettes, but haven't gotten any yet they never seem to be on sale when the other cartridges are and you know me.. I don't buy anything at full price! Off to do my Hello Thursday calibration on my Gypsy. Can't believe I neglected the little one last month... Have a great day!

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