Monday, March 21, 2011

Finds at the Flea Market

I wanted to share the cool things I got this weekend at the Springfield Antique and Flea Market. I bought 6 spindles with the idea I would wrap my baker's twine around them, have Steve make me a rack to stick them. The first booth we found them the woman wanted $3 a piece, I passed. Then Steve found some in a basket for 50 cents each!! I was doing my "happy dance". Now for the fan, (not a picture of mine but like mine) I for some reason have always wanted a fan like this. I saw one at the very first booth we stopped at priced at $25. I again decided to look around and my word for the day was "ponder" it. It paid off and I found one for $14 and offered the guy $12 and GOT IT!!! Now, if you're like Steve you're probably wondering where I'm going to put it. In the STUDIO!!! of course.
Yesterday I did a class at SYAO using the Cricut to cut vinyl and etching. It was a really fun class and everyone said they enjoyed it and liked the 3 projects we did. I shared with them a wonderful window cleaner that I suggest for cleaning your mirrors, glassware or windows with before doing your etching it's called Sprayway and I got it at Home Depot. It is really great!
Well, that's it for today.. OH YEAH! please send up a prayer for Steve, he's going for an interview today at 3:00, thanks in advance for that!


  1. sounds like you found some good bargins, prayers going up for Steve too, have a good one!

  2. I grew up the daughter of antique dealers, so I know the thrill of the chase! Great finds, Peggy! Best of luck to Steve!