Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cricut Magazine Volume 2

I received my second Cricut Magazine yesterday. I still can't say I'm impressed with it for the cost. The projects are..well, okay. The one I really think is a cute idea is the popcorn box they decorated for a baby shower. I don't have a baby shower coming up that I'm giving but it's a cute idea. I think they should get Monique in the book. She has the most awesome scrapbook pages all created using the Cricut. I don't have her site address right now, but I'll look it up and post it. You will truly be amazed. She sells her kits and directions.
Just a FYI.. I will only be doing one class a month for the next several months. Our "secret" project is taking a lot of my time and Steve has excepted the assistant coaching position for two of our grandchildren. We will be very busy as you can imagine. The classes will be at either Hobby Lobby Eastgate or Stamp Your Art Out. I will be doing 3 classes at the Stamp Away Convention in August.. I'm very excited about that and already have one class designed, cut, packed and ready to go.... I know a bit compulsive LOL
Steve and I are off to a big Antique/Flea Market in northern Ohio. This is a new adventure for us we are looking forward to it. I'll let you know what we find. Have a great weekend!

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