Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's Day

This is a card made using the Gypsy, Cuttlebug and Cricut. I welded the "true and heart" using the G, the arrow is not welded. The colors really do match better in real life.LOL
Tonight I'll be busy making the CropStop video of the week and packing up to stay overnight at work tomorrow night. I plan to take the G, Cricut, and all the supplies needed to scrapbook a few pages. With the projected 4-8 inches of snow they are predicting here in Cincy, I won't drive in that ... not because I can't ... I'm afraid of the other crazy drivers out there. You know the ones that drive 80 mph in their 4 wheel drive vehicles thinking they can stop on a dime and those that drive like my little friend Alma would have at 93 yrs old LOL! So, I just bunker down here and I'll be sure to be on time Thursday, beating the mad snow-rush. Have a great day!


  1. Not only are you talented, but sounds like you are a very smart woman too! The road is full of crazy people in bad weather LOL! they think because they have a 4x4 they can do any thing, well I have a 4x4 and I know I can't LOL/ I love the card, I'm still playing with mine, I can weld, but then how do I get the same word, smaller to layer on top of that? I need to just call you I guess......

  2. Super cute valentine's day card! TFS!