Monday, January 31, 2011

Ribbon Challenge

Well, it's Monday... been up since 3:30a.m. playing in the studio. I'm off work today Praise God! I would have never made it through the day. But, I've gotten lots accomplished this morning.
This is a card front I did, probably a year and a half ago, when I was invited to a SU convention here is town. You were suppose to make "LOTS" of cards or whatever to swap. I made 50 I think... There were two card fronts in the stash box so here is what I did with them. I probably make 7-10 cards a week, but I'm very bad.. I never send them, but I do give them to my mom who lives in a Senior Apartment Community and she sells them to her neighbors (very reasonably priced! they are seniors after all). Mom feels useful and the folks their are so very kind to say all my cards are beautiful... even the ones that I think could have been better or thrown out.LOL Okay, can you tell I've been up a long time.. have to get my 5000 words in a day LOL!!!
Don't forget to send in or link a card or project to me with ribbon on it so you can get in on the drawing. There are still 14 days left. Have a great day!

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