Wednesday, November 03, 2010

News Flash!

I was on hold for one hour and 55 minutes with Provo Craft today. My questions was NOT about the Gypsy updates, but I asked a few while there...
Question 1. I purchased the new Car Decal exclusive to and it would not link to my Gypsy.
Answer: There is a bug in that cartridge (ALL OF THEM) and in order to link to Gypsy I had to have them walk me through a clearing of my Gypsy and then RE LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL of my cartridges again NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll just use it the 'Old fashion way'.. well that is if it will work with the Cricut .. I'll try that when I get home.
Question: is there a picture of the images on the new Smiley cards
Answer: Yes a digital one will be available
Question: Cricut Sync is NOT Mac compatible and no date set when it will be (what a Bummer!!!)
Question: while several people are trying to update the Gypsy it freezes for long time until they shut off
Answer: do a ctrl/alt/delete takes you to a processes tab=bridge.exe and hit END and it should start over.
Question: should we dump the Gypsy Sync
Answer: yes
well that was all I could ask them this time... hopefully they'll get it all straightened out and I won't have to call again...
I'll let you know about the Car Decal cartridge tomorrow...
Have a good day!!!


  1. Is it worth all that head ache? LOL

  2. Not Today!!! but it is once it's working right I really do love my Gypsy and Cricut. I'm already saving for a new Expression so when the ones I have quit I can run out and get another! LOL