Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hello everyone! Have you all rested up from the Black Friday sales? I didn't go out until late morning and didn't have to fight the crowds and still got all the things on our Christmas wish lists! I even hit PAY DIRT! at Walmart and got the brand new Cricut Lite cartridges for $20. Get this I got all of them (well except the cupcake one I didn't care for it) and it was 1:00 p.m. I didn't even have to stay up till' midnight and fight the long check outs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you all see the really cool new colors of the Cricut Expressions! OH! my gosh!
Well, here is another Verses stamp. I did this card 2 years ago for a class and pulled it out to share. I'm a bit disappointed in the number of submissions this challenge maybe most of you haven't seen all the awesome stamps Verses offers. Check them out honest they are really really good ones.
Clue for December: vardo
Does anyone have a guess of what I'll be giving away in December? It's well worth entering into the challenge I promise!


  1. I sent you another submission this morning, with all the clues you have given out, (and I'm writing each one down) I still don't have a clue. Maybe something with a heart, or feelings, or personality???/ heck I don't know LOL

  2. I didn't write any of the clues down. but it's a gypsy