Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I tried 3 times to get my Gypsy updated and kept getting an error message! what a bummer! I read several places where they said PC was asking us to be patient.......okay let me try again LOL Our special offer doesn't expire so we can try later this week or whenever we get a chance. I think I'll wait until Thursday and if it still doesn't work I'll make the dreaded long wait phone call.
Now for more pleasant stuff! Pam D was the winner of the emboss challenge! Congrats!!! The video is below. I used the "draw a ticket" method. I put each person's initial on a ticket, for each submission, and as you saw Samantha drew out the letter "P". There were over 70 entries! I was so excited to have that many on the first challenge with a sponsor. A BIG THANKS TO HJ at www.cropstop.com for giving me the $30 spending spree to give to one of you!!!!!

This month we will do another one. I'll announce it November 8. Have a great day and don't forget to VOTE

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  1. I was able to get on the site tonight, but when I was attempting to update, my gypsy just said it was syncing for over 1 hour! I finally just stopped it.
    pam d