Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HeartFelt Creation Submissions

Here are my two submissions for Heartfelt Creations this week. You can check out the Heartfelt Creatons blog and get the instructions. You have to go and check out ALL the AWESOME creations by the rest of the Design Team.
I just love that jar of buttons, it reminds me of my "little grandma". She saved buttons and what I remember most is if a shirt or whatever had buttons on it and was ready to be pitched, she would cut the hole strip of buttons off and save them. I do that now... I think it's a family thing.. My granddaughter, Annie, is my little fashion designer (age 8 yrs) and she loves to work with fabric, buttons and thread. She loves buttons and cutting up old clothes to design new ones. I'll need to get her a jar of her own. LOL


  1. Love them all! Beautiful card! Love it! Olena

  2. These are lovely! I like to save my buttons too :-)

  3. thanks so much for the comments it really helps me to keep on creating!!