Monday, August 30, 2010

Hero Fern

Sorry a bit late posting today, I've been cleaning... my house cleaning fairy hasn't shown up in a few days. LOL
I used the Hero Art Fern stamp for the background. I just love that thing, and had a horrible time finding it, I guess everyone else loved it too. Then the "thanks" is an old Su. Those weird buttons on the side I got at a warehouse store here in Cincinnati. Not really a good idea to use if I was going to send in the mail, they are really thick. But they really worked well on this card.
In case you didn't know.. there is still time to enter a comment to have a chance to win the goodie box. You can comment as many times as you like, I will put your name in that many times. Please keep the comments coming even after the "comment challenge" It is very encouraging to hear from you all.
Our Gypsy 2 class went really well. I was very excited because, even though I was suppose to be teaching the class... the ladies taught me quite a few things THANKS GIRLS! And we also have planned a day trip to Cleveland in October. There is a paper warehouse up there I told them about they all want to go. So, we're going to make a day/night of it and hit as many places as we can. We may have to brown bag it because they may not want to stop shopping just to EAT LOL!! Have a great day!


  1. Are the buttons from Banash? I'll have to go on line to see the warehouse. I've only bee to the downtown store and then when they moved to rookwood. Have to check on the road trip! But sounds like fun!Going to try out my Gypsy techniques I learn!
    thankd for the great class!
    Pam D

  2. Yes there are from Banash. I visited the location on Red Bank Rd. I couldn't think of the name of it when I posted the card.I sure hope you can go the road trip it should be fun. I've started a jar to put extra pennies in so I can stock up on paper. Not all the paper is a great deal only the cardstock and some speciality ones. The printed paper is pretty pricey, the ones they have anyway. Thanks for keeping up with the comments!! Tommorow is the last day and then Wednesday I'll announce the winner. Good Luck!!

  3. thanks for a great first class Peggy. I really enjoyed it! Still so much to learn and I look forward to it.

    Lori B.

  4. Lori B thanks for visiting the blog and I'm so glad you enjoyed the class I look forward to having you particpate in more. you are now included in the drawing for the goodie bag .. winner to be picked tomorrow good luck!