Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Price Reduction!!!

Hi Everyone! Just received an email from Dane at, and here's the great news. He and his team were not satisfied with the cost of the new EMBOSSER coming in very soon. So, they worked really hard with their manufactures and made an adjustment to the cost NOT THE EMBOSSER for US!!!! Is that too awesome or what? Now, if you already ordered I know they will adjust the price and if you were waiting because you thought it was too much ... well it's not now so you may just want to pre order now and be one of the first in a group to get one. I know I've got to get one and my plan is to use it not only for myself but in the Cricut University classes. Okay enough said... if you like a deal this ones for you! Have a great day!!

* Oh I forgot to mention he also offer FREE SHIPPING deals!!!!!!! I love free shipping deals..

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