Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cri-Kits Big Craft Show

I have to say it again! I'm one blessed woman!! Here's a photo the owner of , Dane sent me from the show in Masa, Az this past week. Look close the scrapbook page hanging right in front of the Cricut sign is MINE!! Yippee! and my granddaughter Annie is in the pic. Then look close again and there are the 4 cards I sent him. The funny thing is the red ribbon fell off one of the cards and they put it on the scrapbook page LOL Of course, I emailed and let them know, only because they told me they are going to use them at the next show as well and it has to be perfect. I'm working on several projects to send in to the contest they are having, you may want to check it out you could win a Gypsy and become one of their designers, that' s what I praying for. Okay enough of tootin' my own horn I'm just so excited. Can you tell? Have a great day!

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  1. I talked to the owner just after he took this picture last weekend in Mesa, AZ. I was telling how much I love the pens. I bought 2 more sets of pens at the show. Great work.