Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vintage Scrapbook page

Well, the scan cut a little off this page but at least you get the idea. This is a page I designed for a class two years ago. The idea was to show stampers how they could cross over to scrapbooking and scrapbookers how they could use stamps and stamping techniques to enhance their pages. I think it went over really well. My class was rated very highly and I was invited back for the next event. There I tooted my own horn. ha ha ha.. Seriously, I really love this page because the photo is of my dear friend Alma and her nephew. Alma went home to be with the Lord several years ago and I miss her dearly. She shared so many stories of her childhood and I use them to tell stories to my grandchildren. That is what scrapbooking is all about... memories. I don't know what the occasion was here in this photo, but seeing Alma and her nephew brings back many stories she shared of their times together. The really cool thing for me, is that I get to enjoy creating the page and then reaping the benefits of the Memories it holds. Have a great day.
Oh! I guess you are wondering where the video is? Well, my granddaughter, Annie invited us to watch a movie about the life of Beatrix Potter. What an awesome movie, makes me want to re-read all her books. So, that being said we will go for tomorrow night and the making of the video. I have a little extra to show now, I got something new in the mail today....... no I am not going to tell until tomorrow...

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