Thursday, November 12, 2009

cb blue bird

Good Morning! WOW! this week is really going fast. It seems the pile on my desk is growing the wrong direction! Here's a card I'm sending out to my friend Rose. We call each other "bird" not sure why or how that came about but it's something we've done for over 30 years. I think she'll like this one.
This weekend I'm going to training for Girl Scout Leadership, should be fun. Then it's official.. I'll be a GS Leader.
I have the pages designed for January's Cricut University. I'll ask Steve to take a pic so I can put it on here to share. The November and December classes are full and the January class is starting to fill up. The enrollment number will increase to allow 8 people. Hobby Lobby is allowing me to use more space Thanks HL! I don't want to jinx myself.. but we have been working on that FLIP and trying to get it figured out so I can do my tutitorals... well, tonight we're going to try it again. It took 48 minutes of updates on the computer, so maybe that'll work. I hope to get it together it. Seems everyone out there does it and they never mention having such a hard time. Keep your fingers crossed. Have a great day!!

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