Monday, October 05, 2009

Halloween Card

This is the card I mentioned yesterday made by Nancy. It's too stink'in cute isn't it. I love sharing what you all are doing out there so if you want to email me something to post on my blog I am happy to do that! I have been busy working with the Gypsy and hope to have something to show you mid-week. I have a few openings in the classes Friday and Saturday at Hobby Lobby so if you would like to join us make sure to call me no later than Wednesday @ 513-617-3592 to reserve your spot. Have a great Monday.


  1. Peggy ~ Thanks so very much for posting my card! Does this mean I'm now 'published'??? I'm very happy that you enjoyed receiving it. Oh, by the way . . . LOVE my Bow-Easy, and would highly recommend it to all of those 'bow challenged' scrappers out there!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Nancy

  2. Peggy ~ I wanted to visit the website that you listed on your blog yesterday about your 'sis' challenge, but I don't think I got to the right site. ??? Nancy