Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here is a sample card front I did for my CB #2 class. It is a technique I call "Fabulous cuttle" the part behind the flower is fabric that has been run through the cuttlebug (special technique). The ladies at the class loved it. We had an awesome class yesterday, they were a great group of ladies. Some of them had been there back to back for CB 5 and CB2, and hung in there through all 20, yes 20 different techniques!!! They all had a little surprise, my husband, Steve was my assistant, his first time. He did an awesome job, the girls loved him and agreed he did a great job. I kept reminding him this is MY HOBBY.. because we all know how this craft is contagious. I didn't find him in the studio last night so I think I am safe. Thank you all for being so kind to him, he said he did enjoy it and could tell that you all are as passionate about this "art thing" he calls it, as I am. Have a great Sunday!!

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