Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Studio Pics

I decided to show you another angle of my work space. This is where I sit MOST of the time. I have everything at arms length. The box in the lower corner of the picture is my "WORK STACK". I put new stuff in there that I buy, like stamps, punches, embellishments, inkpads or whatever, and use them before they go to the rightful place. I love those little blue trays. They are recycled from the hospital and I must have 50 or more and have shared many with fellower stampers and scrappers.. Not sure how well you can see the far wall, but there is a CD holder with my cling and unmounted stamps. I got this holder for $1 at the Salvation Army store. I have 3 others that I got at Ikea for $6, full. HUH?! do you think I have a few stamps? Of course, the mounted ones are in another spot, I'll show that pic another time. Did I ever mention I LOVE STAMPS? LOL. Let's see what else can I mention, oh the Tonics cutters. They are awesome. I have 3 different sizes, two stay on my right at all times and the other BIG GUY is under the desk where I keep my Accucut. The 12x12 here, is for scrapbooking and the smaller is for cardmaking, or little stuff.. I have two of the lazy susan's from MM one holds my Copics and the other frequently used tools. Well, I think the rest I have told you about on another post. Sorry if I repeated anything here. I have other pics I will share on future posts. I wanted to say I do this NOT TO BRAG!!!!!! I got so many ideas from others who posted pics of their studios that I wanted to share some of my ideas and ones I have gotten from them. Hope you enjoy!

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