Monday, August 24, 2009

Studio Peek

Good Monday Morning! I wanted to share another corner of my "escape" studio. I love my studio and I am so blessed to have 2 1/2 rooms all to myself! Okay enough bragging.. not really bragging I really am blessed!
So, here is a bookcase unit I got at Ikea earlier this year. I keep all, well not all, but most of my paper in here. I have it sorted by solid colors, pet, girl, boy, Christmas, card making only, coordinations and then of course all the varieties of DCWV tablets (12x12). I get them when they're 1/2 off. I had pretty much sworn off DCWV a while back because every time I'd cut it I got all these little "lint" like crumbs and never a clean cut. Not to mention I had to keep buying more blades for the cutter. Then I got a Tonics and WOW ! well, that's another blog.
But recently when I looked at and purchased, of course, DCWV, the quality of paper is 100 times better! They have added lot of good themes. The one I am watching for now is the Kitchen one. I thought it would make it easy to scrapbook a Family recipe book.
Most of the paper , as you can see are in plastic sleeves. My "Craft Sister" Connie V (CJ) blessed me with a bunch of them. I always try to put blessings to good use.
Well, that is the paper area, one of them. I seem to have a thing about paper....... hee hee
Have a great week, don't forget to check back there will be more!
Oh! I would like to say a special thanks to Maggie for making such a nice comment about the class on Saturday, it makes it all worth it when you know people take the time to comment and they really learned and had FUN!! that's the name of the game...

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