Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cricut Owl Card

Good Morning! I have had an awesome weekend! My friend Rose and I shopped 'till we dropped and bought over 300 sheets of cardstock and pattern paper, between us.(of course almost all of it was on SALE!)  Honey Please!! that means we both have a lot of scrapbooking and card making to do. We were in the studio 2 nights in a row until 3 am and were back up at 7am to go at it again. Here is a cute card I made messing around with the Cricut and DCWV paper. I used a set of stamps from CHF for the sentiment. I am anxious to use the new white-wash coordination paper I got yesterday at Joanne's. WOW it's really cool. I am going to use those new cuttlebug folders and come up with I hope are some cool cards to share. 
I will post the awesome Military pages Rose did for her son Adam who is leaving for Afghanistan too soon. Please keep him in your prayers, as well as all those young women and men who are serving our country. Have a blessed Sunday!

UPDATE: I know I've been promising to do some videos and I have been working on it like crazy, just couldn't get it to work. So, Steve took my Flip video back to Best Buy to get some help from the Geek Squad.. well, it locked up their computers too! The man said there is something really wrong with it and that's why I can't get it to work. Now, it has to go back to the company and either they'll fix it or send me a new one. (that will take 3-4 weeks) BUMMER!!! But I am piling up all the ideas and supplies to start making tutitorals as soon as it arrives. Don't loose hope I AM GOING TO DO IT.. ( I really said that for ME! hee hee)

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