Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tool Time Tuesday

Hey it's Tool Time here at Createwithbubbe.blogspot.com. I couldn't decide what tool to share today so I decided to share a new marker I found out about on someone's blog a couple of weeks ago. I am sorry I can't remember which one, you know I surf the internet a lot, but that is the only surfing I do, I can't swim hee hee.. Anyway, they are metallic permanent markers by RoseArt. Well, that is what I was looking for at the store and couldn't find that brand but found some by INC. Elementz, they were hanging on the RoseArt hook maybe they merged or something. So, I did some playing and cuttlebugged some acetate then colored in the embossed areas and "presenting tool of the day"... the scan doesn't do it justice, however it is really cool. I got the markers at Target and Walmart for around $5 , of course I had to buy a couple packs. I think this is going to become one of the techniques I use in an upcoming class, you all are getting a sneak peek. Well, need to get ready to go to the "real job".. Oh yeah! I am doing a make-it-take-it (MITI) at my local stamp store this weekend if you are interested email me and I will give you the details. Oh, one more thing Friday I am going to do something that all the other bloggers seem to do on ocassion, I am going to give away some blog candy. Watch for the details, I already know what I am giving away. later

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